Slow-Food Philosophy
at the intersection of two cultures

The Gastronomic Experience at the Gasthof Zum Hirschen Hotel

At the Gasthof Zum Hirschen Hotel, one is constantly reminded of the unique culinary traditions of this particular corner at the crossroads between two major cultures: Alpine and Mediterranean. Along this provincial boundary with the Val di Non Valley, Alpine South Tyrolean cuisine is strongly influenced by the culinary traditions and flavours of neighbouring Italian-speaking Trentino.

Inspired by the erstwhile pilgrim’s hospitium that once stood on the same site as the hotel, our kitchen Chef, Erwin, adopted elements of the 12th Century herbalist, abbess Hildegard von Bingen and Austrian herbalist-priest, H.J. Weidinger’s writings, applying them to Carlo Petrini’s Slow-Food principles. Using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients the idea is to preserve their nutrients while enhancing the natural flavours. When it comes to wine and food pairing, our experienced house sommelier, Ingrid, is well-qualified to advise guests on our selection of South Tyrolean, Trentino and other premium Italian wines from our cellar.


Forest Flavour Weeks

culinary weeks

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Radicchio Days

culinary weeks

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Eating & Sleeping - Winter

from 04.12.21 to 06.03.2022
Overnight incl. Gourmet dinner
and wine accompaniment from 134.- Euro

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Angebot Schneeschuhwandern, Rodeln & Co. im verschneiten Winterwald

Snowshoeing, sledding and hiking

3 nights from 320.- Euro

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The alpine wild herbs

5 nights from 596.- Euro 

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Zum Riesen, Zum Hirschen: be a Guest in Historical Landmarks

2 nights in Zum Hirschen
2 nights in Zum Riesen
from 458.- Euro 

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Dandelion Weeks 2022

Culinary weeks

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Summits, lakes & pastures: hiking in the Nonsberg mountains

4 nights from 389.- Euro 

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