#A new ambience within ancient walls


Rooms in an old pilgrim’s hospice

During the extensive renovations in 2017, the Zum Hirschen Hotel in Val di Non (South Tyrol), rediscovered its centuries-old origins as a medieval pilgrim’s hospice, run by the Hospitaller and Benedictine religious orders. The former took on the task of guiding pilgrims through the swamps in the valleys to safety in what was then known as a hospitium peregrinorum. Luckily, the marshes have long since been drained so nowadays there aren’t any luckless wayfarers to be saved from a grim and watery fate!

Where possible, I enjoy welcoming our guests in person and taking them on a guided tour of our establishment. They are shown the new wing as well as the WineBar and the CERVO Restaurant, that typify the authentic simplicity of our historic inn. We have various types of rooms, all of them ideal for a peaceful and tranquil sojourn. I take care not to influence the decision of our guests, though I don’t mind sharing my ideas and giving them the benefit of my experience. Those more in search of peace and contemplation seem to gravitate towards our Hospitium rooms, more contemplative and traditional. The relaxed contours, minimalist design and warm hues generate an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, sobriety and contemplation. The fabrics in the rooms including the tapestries and curtains are coloured in shades of white and brown, recalling the earthen fields and the brown habits of the monks. A light cedar and lime fragrance lingers in the bathrooms.

The dandelion yellows and other touches of colour here and there purposely draw on the hues of the Val di Non Valley. In order to help our visitors better understand this part of the world, we’ve created what we call "Flying Libraries". These are collected works on a variety of subjects such as hiking, history and culture of the territory.