#Christmas in a Snowglobe

The Zum Hirschen message 2020


What now? An unusual year is drawing to end. A special and different Christmas is just around the corner. The idyllic landscape is covered with snow like hardly before at this time. We're stuck, but we're still moving. We thought for a long time how we should design our Christmas greetings this year. A video? A Christmas Story? Or maybe an advent calendar?

Numerous initiatives in the advent time in South Tyrol pointed to the support of local craftsmen, cultural workers and small producers. We also wanted to give our little contribution and therefore decided together with the local artist Giulia Neri to create an illustration. We thought about a motive that relates to the current situation and integrates the Zum Hirschen house positively into the context. The result:  "Christmas in a snow globe":

White and quiet. Like in a snow globe. Time stands still and still movement comes in. We shake it. We admire its beauty. Thoughts circle in our heads. We look back and we look forward. We learn. At the center, the Zum Hirschen and its centuries-old history, with ups and downs, moments of difficulty and periods of glory. Today more than ever it gives us continuity and confidence.

The house in the heart of the mountain village is filled whit timeless hospitality. It’s filled with people that has lived and worked with dedication, generation after generation. And so we do, preserving the same spirit: together, united in our family and with mutual support.

Especially this year your understanding, your solidarity and your attention have been higher than ever before. For that, for all the love we’ve received, we would like to thank you very much. You give us the energy and the motivation to smile, every day. You keep us moving to the future.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and, above all, a healthy New Year.

We hope to see you soon.

The Kofler Mocatti Family