#Eugen Kofler’s quality meats from the Widumhof farm


Slow-Food Philosophy

Some might think I’m fussy, but I prefer to think that I'm precise. And when the topic happens to revolve around my leisure or recreation time, then there’s little room for compromise! On vacation, I usually avoid untested situations. But on a trusted friend’s recommendation, last summer I chose the Zum Hirschen Hotel for a tranquil, week-long holiday. And I’m glad I did! On arrival, I immediately felt at ease as the owner launched into a short but passionate exposition of the history of his hotel. What stuck in my mind was when he said that the pilgrim’s hospice first appeared in the records as far back as 1138, in a decree issued by Pope Lucio III. That’s quite something!

That evening at the Cervo Restaurant, I sat down to my first dinner. When out of curiosity I asked the chef where the tender and tasty beef on the menu originated from, his response was: our meat comes from 0 km (perhaps even km 0,2) — in any case originating from Eugen Kofler’s highly trusted Widumhof farm in Senale, where his cattle and pigs graze on these pastures. Pointing, he showed me the farm.

My curiosity awakened at the prospect of something close at hand I decided to find out for myself — and I’m glad to say that it was worth it! The affable Mr. Kofler took me to see his animals. Pointing out the various cuts of beef on the animals with his large hands to better illustrate what he was saying, the demonstration ended with a tasting of speck reconfirming what I already know: better to eat less, without compromising on quality!


#A surprise Elixir by Hildegard of Bingen

Sip of Health

“Medicinal herbs
are a smile
of the Creator.”

Hermann-Josef Weidinger

“...without nater the humans
can neither live nor exist ”

Hildegard von Bingen

#Radicchio story

A bitter-sweet experience of the Val di Non