#Radicchio story


It was on a stopover in Senale during a business trip last October when I unwittingly found myself amidst the Radicchio Day celebrations. And what a great coincidence it was! With its appetising bitter-sweet flavour, the radicchio thrives in the ideal conditions of the Val di Non valley.

Both in its simplest or refined versions, this reddish lettuce ideally complements the juicy, home-grown beef cuts of the Val di Non valley. And the leafy radicchio really comes into its own with forest delicacies such as game and wild mushrooms, transforming every platter into a veritable triumph of the palate!

Thanks to the cooking courses and seminars held throughout the Radicchio Days, I also managed to pick up a few tricks and lessons on how to prepare some interesting recipes at home and resolved to return to Senale in search of other exciting gourmet experiences. Who would have known that Radicchio is also a key ingredient in delicious dessert recipes?





#A surprise Elixir by Hildegard of Bingen

Sip of Health

“Medicinal herbs
are a smile
of the Creator.”

Hermann-Josef Weidinger

“...without nater the humans
can neither live nor exist ”

Hildegard von Bingen

#Eugen Kofler’s quality meats from the Widumhof farm

The original taste