The 100 most beautiful Hotel in Europe 2019


GEO jury selects our small family business at Nonsberg

Hotel Gasthof zum Hirschen, in: GEO Season - The 100 most beautiful hotels in Europe 2019

2018 was a year full of surprises, and the 2019 starts with an outstanding view: our Gasthof zum Hirschen has been named one of the 100 most beautiful hotels in Europe. From none other than the jury of the GEO magazine in GEO SAISON - The 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL HOTELS OF EUROPE 2019.

Only half a year ago, our family business has been voted as "The Historic Hotel of the Year in South Tyrol in 2019" and now our mountain retreat in the village Senale in the upper Non Valley also attracts attention in Germany and in Switzerland. The jury's decision is based on the structural renovation following the leitmotiv "authenticity in change" of the historic pilgrims hospice.

The GEO SAISON 2019 emphasises our hospitality, the all-round service and the excellent cuisine, in which regional specialties and gourmet dishes are found, which brings out the mountain herbs according to Hildegard von Bingen and the herbal priest Weidinger. A coherent concept for a former hospice of a spiritual pilgrimage site.

The background

The Gasthof Zum Hirschen in Senale is just a few steps away from the sanctuary church "Maria Himmelfahrt". The documented origins date back to the 12th century, when a monastery was founded. The hospice was leased from the church. This involved rights and obligations. In 1534, there was an obligation that the landlord always had to keep four horses. Senale remained over the centuries a well-attended, but still very remote place of pilgrimage. In 1939 with the building of the road over the Gampenpass Senale got connection to modern times. In the post-war period, the house was raised by one floor and received on the south side a wooden porch (veranda) with wide windows. In the early 1970s, tenant Alois Kofler bought the inn from the church. For several years, the grandsons Ingrid and Mirko Mocatti run the business. They have created a mountain retreat from the village inn, where they combine old with new. Thus, the original destination of the historic hostel for pilgrims was taken up again and yet completely renewed. "Spirituality in Tourism" is the name of the concept, which is enthusiastically accepted by many guests from near and far.