#Coloured by a mountain valley


Guided tour of a distinctive hotel

From the very first time I set foot in the Zum Hirschen Hotel I immediately sensed that this was a rather special place. While attending a cultural festival in the village I decided to go on a guided tour of the historical hotel. The intriguing atmosphere within its ancient, newly refurbished walls immediately whet my curiosity.

The sober colours and stylized antlers at the entrance symbolizing the Zum Hirschen in the hotel logo provided some indication of what was to come. Though everything seemed new the ambiences were suggestive of a much older structure, like an ancient monastery. Each of the rooms had new designer furniture and fittings made to measure and each was different from the other. I recall the modern bathrooms with spacious showers and wide, luminous windows.

Though pleasantly at ease, I was unable to decide what gave this place such a different feel. To my question the owner immediately answered: “it’s the colours”, he said, citing some sort of mood-board concept.  A harmonious and contemporary colour-scheme coupled with the historical structure of the old building, helps to link the past to the present. Here and there unexpected bright flashes catch the eye, representing the colours of the Val di Non Valley: dandelion yellows, radicchio (chicory) reds, forest greens and even blues, as a reference to the waters of the Val di Non rivers.