#Forest Flavour Weeks 2024



Green, resinous summer greetings

The early summer at the Nonsberg/Alta Val di Non holds some surprising palate ticklers: resinous forest aromas and delicate herbs and meadow blossoms meet fresh dishes of South Tyrolean cuisine. We serve ourselves at the surrounding nature with its young buds and shoots as well as aromatic plants during the so-called forest and meadow shopping. In the kitchen, these treasures are then used fresh, cooked or fermented.

The recipe for a stimulating forest aromas menu is for the experienced: take the light green, still dense shoot tips of the larches around the Felixer Weiher Lake and use them to complement the Risottino Vialone Nano with caciotta and wild herbs. This gives the dish a tart and at the same time acidic note.

The wood goutweed, the "Good Henry" (wild spinach) and the nettles are true natural bombs of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They can be used as primi - for example as "Cappelletti with cream cheese and Trentingrana" or as herbs pesto, which is served with Maltagliati made from organic cereals. Alternatively, the condiments can be served as a side dish with the secondi; they go equally well with local lamb or venison as with mountain trout.

For the sweet conclusion, use the flavours and elixirs of the forest in the larch parfait with fermented berries, in the Valrhona chocolate tartlet or in the roasted crème from the Strickerhof farm egg.


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