#Radicchio Days 2024



Bitter-sweet blessings

During the autumn radicchio harvest between mid-September and mid-October, local guesthouses and restaurants in the Val di Non Valley prepare special dishes centred around this prized herb. This is the time of the so-called "Winter Radicchio" or "Radicchio Rosso Tardivo" (meaning red or late-maturing chicory) celebrated in this part of South Tyrol. The bitter-sweet plant is also used to garnish other local specialties such as lye beef, game and mushroom platters.

Cultivated by the farmers of the Val di Non since 1995, the "Radicchio Tardivo di Treviso" (the late-season Treviso chicory variety) is considered as a “premium radicchio’. Maturing during the still temperate early autumn days and cool nights, its narrow leaves develop their delicate bitter tang.

After harvesting, the radicchio is washed under fresh spring water and is ready for preparation into a variety of refined gastronomic platters in restaurants around the Val di Non Valley.


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