#Dandelion Weeks 2024



Yellow, sun-ripened and tangy 

Between the end of April and mid-May, dandelion-based platters find their way onto the menus of numerous guesthouses, restaurants and taverns throughout the Val di Non Valley.  In this particular area between Merano and Bolzano, the dandelion has been celebrated since spring 1995. In fact, the annual Dandelion Weeks of the Val di Non Valley is one of the oldest culinary celebrations in the region of South Tyrol.

Generating physical and mental wellbeing, the humble dandelion actually forms an integral part of the traditional local diet, complementing a love for the outdoors and a generally healthy lifestyle. These are the traditional precepts on which the gastronomic celebrations in the Val di Non Valley are founded. Thriving at high altitudes, this delicate flowering plant is indigenous to the mountain meadows of the Val di Non Valley.

The CERVO Restaurant in Senale is dedicated to a wholesome, regional and contemporary cuisine, and its dandelion platters a highlight of the menu. The ample breakfast buffet at the Hotel Gasthof Zum Hirschen offers a choice of local farm-fresh produce and local Alpine herbs, further enriching sumptuous and salubrious a la carte platters.

The dandelion: a source of health and vitality
Regular use of the salubrious dandelion in our diet helps to regulate the digestive system, protects the liver and gall bladder, while also helping to dissolve kidney stones. Rich in Vitamin C, it acts as an anabolic and cleansing agent assisting with rheumatic and skin ailments and can also be used to fortify and detoxify the organism.

Combine the culinary delights of dandelion in spring with a time out in our historic mountain retreat with our Eat & Sleep Offer for one night or with the Dandelion offer for four nights.

To reserve a table at the CERVO Restaurant, please call: (+39) 0463 886 105.

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